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 Filipino phrases (Tagalog) | Some useful phrases for use in the Philippines

Filipino phrases Filipino, or Tagalog as it is called locally, is one of two official languages spoken in the Philippines, the other language being English.

In this section we povide a selection of useful phrases to help you communicate effectively during your stay in Angeles city, or other destinations in the Philippines archipelago.
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 About the Filipino language

The Filipino language is spoken by around one-third of the Philippine population and has been an official language since 1936 (before 1973 it was referred to as Pilipino).

It is a relatively easy language to learn, especially if you already speak Spanish. When the Spanish colonisation began in 1565 there was no common language in the Philippine archipelago. The language of Visayan, which is one of the languages which Filipino incorporates, uses the Spanish numbers, days of the week and months, as well as other words and phrases. In Filipino, the numbers are spoken as they are in Tagalog, whereas the days of the week (except Sunday) and months of the year are spoken as they are in Visayan and Spanish.

 Filipino phrases for when you arrive in the Philippines

  • I would like to declare ....
    • Gusto kong ideklara ....
    • goostoh kohng e-declar-ah ....
  • Where can i get a taxi (cab)?
    • Saan pwedeng kumuha ng taksi?
    • sah-ahn pwed-dheng koomoo-ha nang tak-see
  • I am staying at the .... hotel
    • Tumutuloy ako sa .... hotel
    • too-mut-too-loy a-kho .... hotel
  • I have a reservation, my name is ....
    • Meron akong reserbasyon, ang pangalan ko ....
    • meh-rohn a-kohng reh-sehr-bah-shone, ahng pah-ngah-lahn kho ....
  • Do you have a room?
    • Meron ba kayong kuwarto?
    • meh-rohn bha kha-yhong koo-wahr-toh?

 Financial Filipino phrases

  • How much?
    • Magkano
    • mag-khan-o
  • I would like to change dollars into pesos
    • Gusto kong magpapalit ng dollars sa peso
    • goostoh kohng mag-papa-lit nang dollars sah pay-so
  • Where is an ATM/bank?
    • Saan ang ATM/bangko
    • sah-ahn ahng atm/bahn-co
  • My card does not work
    • Ang card ko hindi gumagana
    • ahng card kho heen-dee goo-mah-gah-nah
  • My card was lost/stolen
    • Ang card ko nawala/nanakaw
    • ahng card kho nah-wah-lah/nah-nah-kahw

 Conversing in Filipino

  • Do you speak English?
    • Nagsasalita ba kayo ng Ingles?
    • Nag-sah-sah-lee-tah bah kay-yo nahng ing-lays
  • Good morning/afternoon/evening
    • Magandang umaga/hapon/gabi
    • mah-ghan-dhang oo-ma-gha/ha-pohn/gha-bee
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